Leadership Team Member

Melissa Papish

Melissa Papish

Director of Centralized Care Coordination

In the present-day era of immediacy and rapid change, Melissa Papish, director of centralized care coordination, is a testament to the traditional values of loyalty, consistency and commitment to excellence. Melissa joined RVNAhealth, then the Visiting Nurse Association of Ridgefield (VNA), in 1999. In the two decades since, she has built a career -- advancing in roles, gaining external experience, and crossing departmental lines to deliver insights, expertise and stability to our ever-growing organization.

In her present role, Melissa is responsible for leading the Centralized Care Coordination department, the starting point and ‘home base’ for all RVNAhealth patients and clients and the operational hub for referring physicians and facilities. Melissa and her team are dedicated to customer service and functional precision -- ensuring that patients and business partners get the attention, care and support they need in a confident, consistent manner. The Centralized Care Coordination team educates patients on the continuum of RVNAhealth services; connects them to the care they require; ensures all elements are in place for services to begin and communicates with physicians and facilities to promote excellent and coordinated care.

Directing the Centralized Care Coordination team was a logical step for Melissa, allowing her to apply her breadth of institutional knowledge and skills while positioning the organization for a strong future.

Melissa began with RVNAhealth as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in 1999, caring for patients in their homes. At the time, RVNAhealth served just over 600 patients in the Ridgefield area (compared with over 2000 patients in 28 towns today). This hands-on experience set the foundation for a deep understanding of the organization’s roots, mission and unwavering commitment to the patient. After four years in the field, Melissa relocated to South Carolina, where she led the intake department at Mercy Hospice and Palliative Care in Conway, SC. In 2009, she returned to the northeast and RVNAhealth, then the Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association (RVNA), as the agency was embarking on a significant growth phase expanding services, region, and relocating offices. Melissa has been critical to the success of the organization’s growth, serving in a variety of roles before becoming senior manager for both clinical and business operations. In this position, she collected, managed and analyzed data, connecting the dots between the clinical and business segments to help guide the direction and strategy of the agency.

A Danbury native, Melissa currently resides in Brookfield with her family. One of their favorite pastimes is escaping to her family’s cabin on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Of recent acclaim, Melissa shared the 2019 RVNAhealth Holiday Door Decorating first prize award with her team and hallmates for their whimsical recreation of "Wellville.”